Animerica – Dragon Ball Z Movie – Irresponsible Captain Tylor – November 1997

Animerica goes through a redesign in this issue. This issue is 15 years old, but the layout looks like it can stand up to any magazine today. That’s what good design can do. I’ve posted the “From The Editor” and “Contents” pages so you can observe the change.


  • A festive Ranma 1/2 holiday cover
  • I don’t think “Twilight of the Dark Master” is what the average anime fan had in mind for Urban Vision’s “Gourmet Anime” “American Anime: Catering to the American Connoisseur. The trailer found on Urban Vision’s Youtube page is the original VHS trailer. It’s a bunch of metal guitar riffs and gore. No mention of the story. How gourmet.


  • Next up is the first full Dragon Ball Z VHS/DVD ad for the 45 minute Dead Zone movie. The ad says “Unedited” a term that still resonates today. The prices for the movie are $29.98 DVD and Laserdisc, 24.98 VHS English subtitled and 19.98 VHS English dub. This ad also sells the DBZ VHS releases and the Dragonball Z Ani-Mayhem collectible card game.
  • Speaking of Dragon Ball Z, the next article tells readers that the Dragon Ball manga and Dragon Ball Z manga will be released in the US in March 1998.
  • I wonder is this is The Right Stuf’s first anime ad? It’s for The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. They do have the best pricing: 4 episodes English subtitled for $19.95. Odd not to see the website for Right Stuf on an ad. It does link to
    I went or and the earliest version of this site they have is from January 23, 1998. Take a look. I love the text: “Order Captain Tylor Now – by visiting our Secure Netscape Commerce Server”
  • I wanted to showcase an article introducing Studio Ironcat.
  • Only ADV Films can come up with this headline copy for a double page ad spread “WOW! What A Month! Tragedy, Terrors, Titillation, and Triumph!” One ad featuring: Sonic Soldier Borgman, Blue Seed, Goldenboy, Ushio & Tora and Rail of the Star.
  • Question: How much gaming and anime products can you cram into one ad? Game Crave. They achieved the impossible.
  • The Animerica Anime Fan Art section got a nice redesign ad well. The layout is better to see the art.
  • I think this Anime Direct ad is the first one to showcase a “Gift with Purchase” marketing tactic that still works to this day. Nice shiny object to entice collector to buy it from your store instead from others.
  • I leave you with a page that shows “Get Connected: Anime release companies and direct mail order services.” The Right Stuf charges $3 for their catalog – the others are free.


















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