Animerica – Dirty Pair – Otakon – Ani-Magine Chroma Anime Cel Art – May 1998

I never got into Dirty Pair so all the nostalgia and resurgence in this issue was lost to me. If you are into it, hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.


  • Wow – forgot about the Anime sort-of-a-cel craze with these Ani-Magine Chroma Cels animation cels reproductions. You still see them from time to time at cons – but very rarely.
  • Crystal City Hyatt – once home to Katsucon and Otakon. Check out this Otakon 1998 ad promoting their guest of honor Shoji Kawamori of Macross fame.
  • Here is what the Otakon 1998 website looked like at the time of this magazine – courtesy the Wayback Machine – (part f the Anime Convention Web Ring)  web rings!!!
  • Anime Nation full page ad for their website. I hear this thing called e-commerce could be big in the coming years.
  • Animerica “Draw Your Own Dirty Pair” contest.  I wonder how many entries they got.
  • I just scanned one page of the Dirty Pair article. This one mainly for the art.
  • The Dragon Ball Z -Namek Saga VHS ad also promoted the Ani-Mayhem DBZ collectible card game.
  • Curious to see an ad for this Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated magazine
  • Here’s an add for the mediocre 90’s Godzilla movie for collectible trading cards. In the 90s, everything was collectible.
  • I like scanning these “Fun With Porken Beans.” This page also has an ad for Nan Desu Kon – in Denver Colorado.  It seemed like every con in the 90’s had Steve Bennett and Scott Frazier.
  • So many things wrong in art direction and grammar in the ADV ad for Kimagure Orange Road – Summer’s Beginning ad.

















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